About Me

portrait of josh

Hi! I'm a Nigerian-American student from the DFW area and I've spent most of my life here in Texas. I attend school at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX and it's been a great experience in how much I've been able to learn and grow.

When I'm not at my job as a student assistant, I'm usually either playing video games, cruising on my pennyboard, or out trying to get the perfect picture.

On Creating This Website:

I started working on this website as a project part of CS50 to test my skills in web development and put what I've learned into practice. There's much more I still need to do on this website such as making it responsive for mobile devices, designing a better template for the content but for now, this is what I'm currently capable of with Web Design. I plan to also start hosting some of the scripts/tools i write on my github that will be linked on this website.