pic of josh in front of bmw logo One of the biggest flaws I've been able to improve upon would be my communication skills and its something that each of my work experiences have helped me develop further. I was able to learn to speak more confidently with knowledge backing it and also being more concise in all forms of communication. If you would prefer a PDF copy of my resume, feel free to reach out via email and I can send a copy immediately

Student Assistant at Texas Tech University [Nov. 2018 -- Present]
  • Served as front line IT help support for student and faculty members
Corrosion Planning Co-op at BMW Manufacturing Co. [Summer 2020]
  • Performed periodic testing and analyzed corrosion film build data to ensure BMW Group standards are achieved
  • Utilized root cause analysis to solve daily issues relating to production line issues
  • Aided in design of increased durability and cost efficiency of production line fixture
New Model Planning Co-op at BMW Manufacturing Co. [Fall 2019]
  • Performed and analyzed cycle time data to identify pinch points and areas for work content redistribution
  • Coordinated with contractors to develop quotes and verify feasibility of new work deck designs
Irrigation Patroller at City of Frisco Public Works [Summer 2018 & Summer 2019]
  • Engaged with and educated citizens on proper outdoor water usage and conservation
  • Tracked violations and issues in central water use database
  • Worked with citizens and businesses to reduce water waste and streamline current water use